Peer Reviewer Process

The following is the editorial workflow for each manuscript/article submitted to the Baita Engineering journal during the peer-review process.

The entire editorial workflow is carried out using an online review system. After a manuscript is submitted for publication, it is checked by the journal editor to ensure complete files and relevant metadata. Furthermore, manuscripts are assigned to Editors based on their subject expertise.

The editorial staff conducts an initial assessment before inviting a number of prospective reviewers to provide peer-reviewed reports. (Can reject the manuscript before review if it is deemed inappropriate.) Based on the report submitted, the Editor makes one of the following recommendations:
 Accepted with minor/major revision
 Request minor revision
 Request major revision
 Rejected

If the Editor recommends "Accepted with minor/major revision", the manuscript will undergo final inspection by the journal's editorial office to ensure that the manuscript and its review process comply with the journal's guidelines and policies. Upon completion, the author will be notified of acceptance of the manuscript.

If the Editor recommends "Request minor revisions" the author is notified to prepare and submit a copy of the manuscript with the necessary minor changes suggested by the reviewers. After the Editor has deemed the final manuscript appropriate, optionally after seeking further advice from one or more of the reviewers, the Editor may recommend for "Accepted with minor revision".

If the Editor recommends "Request major revision" authors are notified to prepare and submit an updated version of their manuscript with any necessary changes suggested by the review. This may require new data to be collected or substantial revision of the text. Manuscripts are then reassessed by one or more of the original reviewers before the Editor makes new recommendations.

If the Editor recommends “Rejected” authors are informed of the review report that has been received and informed that their manuscript will no longer be considered for publication in the journal.