The Correlation of The Hull-Forms Parametric to The Ship’s Propulsion of Tugboats with Two Propulsion


  • Algi Tiara Maulida PT. Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard, Batam, Indonesia
  • Ali Munazid Departement of Naval Architecture, Universitas Hang Tuah



Correlation, Hull-forms parametric, Power Propulsion, Tugboats


This paper aims to determine the correlation of power propulsion to the hull-form parametric of twin-propulsion tugboats. By using the regression method, an analysis of the technical data of existing tugboats is carried out. The data is obtained by collecting data on tugboats that are registered and in operation, including as many as 381 tugboats. From the results of the analysis carried out, it was found that the relations model power propulsion to hull forms is parametric, and the model was validated by testing the existing tugboat to determine how many errors the relations model has. Based on the results of the analysis carried out, power propulsion affects the hull forms parametric, where the increase in power propulsion will increase the value of the hull forms parametric, in this case the main dimension of the tugboat (L, B, D, and T). The value of power propulsion in the main dimension of a tugboat has a different effect on each type of tugboat.


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Algi Tiara Maulida, & Munazid, A. (2023). The Correlation of The Hull-Forms Parametric to The Ship’s Propulsion of Tugboats with Two Propulsion. BAITA Engineering: Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, 1(1), 1–10.